About me

I am a climate scientist who works to better understand human-caused climate change in the context of natural climate variability. This information will aid in anticipating how much global temperatures will rise due to the anthropogenic increase in atmospheric CO2, and inform effective action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

My technical training in the processes driving climate change will give me valuable expertise and allow me to play a role at the nexus of climate science and policy. Climate change is fundamentally a scientific issue and scientists must be involved in a policy response that is rooted in an accurate understanding of the climate system, but successful solutions will need to be negotiated within a facilitative framework that encourages consensus-based outcomes based on the needs of all stakeholders. I am ready to be a leader in this complex world, where scientists must understand not only physical systems but also the structure of policy-making bodies, how complex negotiations occur, and specifically what scientific information is needed to make decisions.

Currently, I am completing my PhD in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, where I am advised by Drs Anne Cohen and Delia Oppo. I am involved in the MIT-Science Policy Initiative and the Broader Impacts Group.